Parachute academy

The Ram Air Progression System (RAPS) is the teaching method approved by the British Parachute Association (B.P.A.) for becoming a qualified solo parachutist.

The training course consists of 6 hours of practical and theory lessons.

Sky Dive!

We keep the numbers small to ensure everyone receives the very best tuition.

First Static Line Jump

Once you complete your first jump you will now have the personal satisfaction of knowing you did it by yourself. It’s a fantastic achievement!

So what's next?
Your will be classified as Category 2 in the British Parachute Association (B.P.A.) progression system and classed as a Student Parachutist. You will need to jump regularly and often if you wish to progress.


You could be in free-fall by your sixth jump and become a fully qualified solo skydiver in as few as 18 jumps.

Sky Dive!
Sky Dive!
Sky Dive!
Sky Dive!

Your initial goal should be to get onto free-fall. Then you can progress to Category 8 (Intermediate Parachutist) where you can experience the freedom of the Skies without an instructor.

You are now a WILD GEESE Skydiver.

The number of jumps required to achieve Category 8 depends on your ability.

Once you have qualified as a solo skydiver, you will now want to jump with your new found friends and try the various disciplines within our sport. These disciplines are graded, again in the B.P.A.’s grading system. Contact us today to find out more.

Options after you qualify as a skydiver:
Join the Wild Geese Skydiving Display Team
Train & operate as a cameraman/camerawomen
Join our Instructor Training School
Be a Load organiser etc